Clay, Liz and Leroy, Austin, Texas


Our dog Leroy has a huge personality and a really small attention span. Some people say he’s finicky, but we like to say that he is selective or maybe a bit choosy. He’s quickly bored with any other dog treat. We’ve wasted a fortune in the past 3 years trying to find something that he might like. In the past, after five to ten minutes of trying other treats, Leroy would leave it, uninterested. Then we found Chew. For Leroy, it was like hitting the dog lottery. The gourmet smell of your bones make it tempting for us to have a taste, but we romise we haven’t…yet. Chew keeps Leroy completely excited and occupied for days! The product quality is so far beyond anything else we have tried, and our dog’s happiness is the proof. We are letting all of our dog friends know about Chew by giving them as gifts. The word is out that choosy dogs choose Chew! Thank you!!