About us

Our Mission

To provide high quality healthy dog treats to our canine friends and their proud owners on an international level, while always remembering that our doggy clients come first and that our product and service will never allow that to be questioned.

Our History

Brandi Judah never imagined that she would be involved in a spin off of her family’s 3rd generation meat processing business in Kansas. As a graduate of Arizona State University and the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, Brandi was working in New York City when a call concerning her father’s health changed her path forever.

While Brandi was briefly in Salina, Kansas to be closer to her father and help with the family business, the marketing wheels of her mind were cranking. She became fascinated by the popularity of one of the products, the gourmet dog bones. The bones were one of the most popular items being sold in the gourmet meat market. Brandi noticed that people were driving from all around to stock up on these dog bones. This is when the idea of Chew began. Brandi decided it was time to give a dog a bone!

Brandi recognized that dog owners were searching for long-lasting, healthy, all-natural and American made treats for their dogs. The gourmet beef marrow bones were given to dogs from coast to coast and the reaction was always the same. Dogs loved them! The dog owners were even bigger fans because the high quality bones would keep their dogs occupied for hours.

So the adventure began! In 2005, Brandi decided that it was in the best interest of dogs worldwide for dog owners to easily purchase the gourmet dog bones called Chew. In turn, privileged dogs from near and far can now be entertained by Chew, the Doggy Divine Delicatessen!