How do I store chew gourmet dog bones until I treat my dog?

Chew bones are a fresh and perishable treat and must be stored in the freezer until given to your dog. Once your dog has been given the bone, it no longer requires freezer storage.

Are chew gourmet dog bones a house friendly treat?

Yes they are! Chew bones are carpet and house friendly. There is initially a residue on the outside of the bone that is quickly licked off when your dog receives the bone. Our bones do appear rather messy after the shipping process, but after being placed back into the freezer the condensation will freeze and the bones will be ready for treating.

Are chew gourmet dog bones safe for my dog?

Chew bones are beef femur bones which are the most dense beef bones. Our bones are smoked at a very low temperature, similar to the process of making beef jerky. We have not had any reported, negative health experiences from our bones. Our long-lasting, real bones wear down slowly, rather than splintering. However, all real bones pose a minimal risk of splintering. If a piece were ever to break off of the bone your dog is chewing on, remove the broken piece. We do not recommend giving dogs bones left over from food you eat, since you cannot be assured of the hardness of the bone – particularly after it has been cooked.

Are chew gourmet dog bones good for my dogs teeth?

Chewing on a chew bone is good for your dog’s teeth. The vast majority of dogs treated for dental problems are dogs that have not chewed on enough hard objects, whether they are toys or bones.

Chewing on a chew bone helps scrape away plaque, which can cause bad breath and a number of potentially serious dental problems. The action of the bone against the teeth scrapes away plaque and controls tartar buildup – helping prevent periodontal disease and yellowing of teeth.

Are chew gourmet dog bones appropriate for teething puppies?

For teething puppies, chewing on a real bone helps stimulate the growth of adult teeth. Like human infants, the pressure on a dog’s teeth and gums from chewing on something hard helps relieve any discomfort from the new teeth pushing through the gums. Bones satisfy your dog’s innate urge to chew. They also help to relieve teething pain, giving your puppy a beneficial and acceptable item to chew on when teething. If you encourage your dog to chew on bones from puppyhood on, chances are he’ll choose a bone over your shoes, furniture, television remote, and other belongings.

Are chew gouremt dog bones appropriate for older dogs?

As long as that your older dog has healthy teeth, bones are extremely appropriate. Bones provide entertainment and mental stimulation that can be very beneficial to older dogs – especially those who are not extremely active.

Can chew gourmet dog bones help relieve my dogs boredom?

Not unlike humans, dogs that do not have anything to do get bored. A chew bone will entertain your dog for hours and keep his mind stimulated, which is good for dogs of all ages, especially older dogs that are not as active. Just remember, your house gets pretty dull when you are not there all day. Dogs, and especially puppies, have an innate urge to chew. Chew bones are a much better alternative to satisfying your dog’s urge to chew than the  leg of your furniture or your most favorite possessions. Continue to offer fresh bones to keep your dog occupied.

How are Chew Gourmet Dog Bones shipped?

Chew bones are shipped USPS Postal Priority Mail and usually takes from 1-3 days.