The Difference

What Are They?

Chew Gourmet Dog Bones are a gourmet beef chewing bone containing all natural marrow & nutrients. These doggy divine delicatessens are real beef marrow bones. The ultimate treat for privileged dogs. These doggy divine delicatessens are real beef marrow bones that are fresh and perishable and must be stored in the freezer.

How Is Our Treat Different?

The best part about Chew is that dogs absolutely love them. The flavor, the smell, the marrow. Chew gourmet dog bones are made from 100% all Natural USDA Inspected Beef Marrow Bones…..straight out of the Land of Kansas. Chew Gourmet bones are a safe way to satisfy your dog’s instinctive need to act like a dog & Chew.

Marrow bones are long lasting and provide hours of doggy entertainment, mental stimulation & muscular exercise. These gourmet dog bones are an excellent distraction for teething puppies, as well as for the more mature canine that may no longer be extremely active. Regular doses of Chew should keep our four legged friends from chewing on their owner’s possessions.

In addition, Chew Gourmet Dog Bones promote healthier dental hygiene by freshening breath, removing plaque and tartar, and by strengthening teeth & gums. These special, high quality treats help to relieve the boredom of day to day dog life, while potentially relieving the stress of separation anxiety.

Natural beef marrow bones are fully digestible, and provide dogs with a natural source of calcium and protein that is not found in other treats. Unlike some bones, such as chicken bones, T-Bones, fish bones and chop bones, which have a tendency to splinter, Chew Gourmet Dog Bones are safe and wear done slowly. The bones are 100% all natural beef bones that are processed in a gourmet meat plant in Kansas. The beef bones are actually smoked in a smoke house with garlic, secret spices and hickory smoke. The smoking processes is exactly as it would be if you went to your gourmet meat market and purchased a smoked ham, turkey, or beef jerky. Chew Gourmet Dog Bones are unique in that they are free from any added or preservatives that are added to most products to add a shelf life. Chew bones are fresh and must be kept in the freezer.  These gourmet dog treats are fine dining for your dog!